Set Saaty matrix

Saaty matrix
 Criterion 1Criterion 2Criterion 3Criterion 4
Criterion 11   
Criterion 2 1  
Criterion 3  1 
Criterion 4   1
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Results Calculation method:

Select an element in the Saaty matrix by clicking on it. Only elements above the main diagonal are editable. The others are set automatically.

Then, write the new value for this element into a text box. The folowing format is used:
  • You can write a triangular fuzzy element as three numbers separated by spaces (eg. "1 2 3").
  • A dot is used as a separator of decimal places (eg. "0.2 0.25 0.5").
  • Instead of writing decimal numbers, you can simply use fractions (eg. "1/5 1/4 1/2").
  • If no fuzziness is required, you can write just a single number (eg. instead of writing "3 3 3", you can write "3").
Save the edited value into the Saaty matrix by clicking on the Save button (or click Enter after typing the value). You are automatically moved to the next element in the Saaty matrix.

After all elements in the matrix are filled in, results will appear.

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