Fuzzy Models of Multiple-Criteria Evaluation

About FuzzME

FuzzME is a tool for creating fuzzy models of multiple-criteria evaluation and decision making. It was developed at the Faculty of Science at Palacký University Olomouc by Mgr. P. Holeček, Ph.D., doc. RNDr J. Talašová, CSc., RNDr. O. Pavlačka, Ph.D. and Mgr. I. Bebčáková, Ph.D..

Supported methods

Editation of a fuzzy scale

In the FuzzME software, both quantitative and qualitative criteria can be used. For the aggregation of partial evaluations, any of the following methods can be used:

  • Fuzzy weighted average
  • Fuzzy OWA operator
  • Fuzzified WOWA operator
  • Fuzzy Choquet integral
  • Fuzzy expert system



Download the demo version of FuzzME from this site and unzip the file. Then click on fuzzy.exe.
To run this software, .NET framework is required. It is part of Windows Vista but on computers with Windows XP it may not be installed. If .NET framework is not installed, an error message will appear when FuzzME is started. In this case download .NET framework from Microsoft site. It can take a lot of time because the installer downloads data from internet.
If you use Linux you can install Project Mono .NET framework instead of Microsoft .NET framework.


You can find a simple example in Examples folder.

Demo version limitation

The demo version will work for 5 days. After this period, saving of the data will be disabled.

The main window of the software