A model for evaluating creative work outcomes at Czech Art Colleges

The Register of Artistic Performances is currently being developed in CZ that will contain information on works of art originating from creative activities of art colleges and faculties. Outcomes in various fields of artistic production will be divided into 27 categories, based on their significance, size, and international reception (each criterion classifies into three classes), and each category will be assigned a score. The total score will provide a basis for allocating a part of the state-budget subsidy among art colleges.

The paper discusses the model used to determine scores for each category. The approach is based on Saaty’s method, which expertly compares significances of all 27 categories. Creating Saaty’s matrix of preference intensities for abstract categories, while maintaining acceptable consistency for such a large matrix, is a difficult task. In the paper we describe a procedure for obtaining required information from a team of persons responsible for different fields of artistic production. A search for solution to this problem has led to new interpretations of Saaty’s matrix elements and its consistency condition.